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Meet the Boston Buzzards

Sexy soccer players and the savvy social media women who love them

XOXO illustrated2 copy.jpg

She's gone viral for all the wrong reasons. He's about to lose his soccer career if he can't work a miracle. Desperate times call for desperate measures, like "I Do."


Ophelia Finnegan is an accountant by day, a wanna-be novelist by night, and an all-around lover of all things romantic-comedy, especially of the British variety. When her grand romantic gesture makes her the laughingstock of the internet, she's pretty sure she'll never get to live out her romantic dreams.


Xavier Henry just wants to play soccer. Banished from his home in England, Xavier's carved out a career for himself here in the States. But his management is determined to bench him, so he needs an immediate trade. The only way to do that is to become an American citizen—fast.


When their paths cross on social media, Ophelia and Xavier realize they might be the solution to each other's problems. After all marriage of convenience is Ophelia's favorite romantic trope. As long as they can stick to the rules, including the most important: don't fall in love.

You Belong with Me illustrated2 copy.jpg

In college, they were friends. For one night, they were lovers. Now she needs a favor, if only she can forgive him for ruining her life. 


Twelve years ago, would-be sportscaster Hannah LaRosa's life was forever changed when she spent one night with her friend, Callaghan Entay. Now she's finally ready to launch her career, covering all the sports news that's fit to report. And as much as she'd like to forget about her past with Callaghan Entay, he's making news that she has to cover.


Callaghan Entay has made soccer his whole life, sacrificing everything to be one of the country's best goalkeepers. He has one milestone left … and then what? 


Like a moth to a flame, Callaghan can't stay away from his former friend. But he doesn't want to, even though he's pretty sure she's using him for his career, like everyone else in his life. 


Hannah's not sure she can ever trust Callaghan to stay, no matter how attentive he seems. But what if, this time, he really is a keeper?

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CW/TW: Ornithophobia, Alcohol use/drunk driving, COVID
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