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Welcome to Hicklam ...

where love is always center stage.

Now introducing the Center Stage Love Story Series! Set against the backdrop of scenic Hicklam, NY, this collection of stories takes place at The Edison Theater. While The Edison (and the town of Hicklam) are fictional, The Edison was inspired by the real-life Mac-Hadyn Theatre in Chatham, NY. If you are a fan of musical theatre, community theatre, and small business, please consider making a donation to the Mac-Hadyn's Bright Future Fund.

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TW: SA, PTSD, Anxiety/Depression, Parental Death, discussion of suicide
TW: Car accident, childhood trauma
2020 BookLife Prize

When therapy meets theater, and two lives collide in a small town called Hicklam, it's a recipe for second chances, healing, and unexpected love. Get ready for an open-door, emotionally charged romantic comedy that will tug at your heartstrings and have you tapping your toes to the rhythm of hope.

Nobody relishes the idea of uprooting and settling in a small town like Hicklam, especially not after enduring a decade of debilitating panic attacks courtesy of an ex-boyfriend.

But that's all in the past now.

In Hicklam, I dare to dream again. Maybe the town's therapist can help me conquer my PTSD. Sure, I may never grace the stage again, despite it being my lifelong passion. Singing along to the radio feels like a distant memory.

And then there's him – the guy with a knack for renovation and a perpetual song in his heart. Surprisingly, his melodies don't grate on my nerves; they make the days brighter. Perhaps it's his infectious smile or maybe the realization that he's counting on me to rescue his family business. He must be desperate—I'm certainly no Joanna Gaines.

But if he's willing to place his trust in me, perhaps it's time for me to take a chance. Not only in rediscovering life's joys but also in exploring the possibilities of love.

Once a household name and pop sensation, Tabitha Stetson is now navigating the shadows of obscurity, determined to keep a Hollywood secret under wraps. With three weeks of child-free bliss in the bustling Big Apple, Tabitha aims to rediscover her post-Sassy Cat purpose. Her desires are clear, but the path to fulfillment remains a puzzle.

Then there’s Henderson Quade. Once a dreamer of the spotlight, he's now content directing the magic behind The Edison Theater's curtain. He'll move heaven and earth to ensure the theater's triumph, yet he staunchly maintains his cardinal rule: never date an actress.

But a routine business meeting takes an unexpected turn when Henderson finds himself drawn to the captivating Tabitha. Their chemistry crackles, and her serenade steals his heart, making it clear this isn't just another date—it's a genuine connection. Yet, he's convinced it should be a one-time fling.

That is until a nosy reporter throws a curveball, forcing The Edison Theater to bank on Tabitha's star power. And in an unexpected twist, Henderson realizes he needs her just as much as the theater does.

Will this be a perfect match made in showbiz heaven, or will it spiral into an epic disaster? One thing's certain—the show must go on!

Vision of Love is a toe-tapping, heartwarming romantic comedy that follows the ups and downs of love in the limelight. With catchy show tunes and pop hits setting the stage, you'll be singing along and rooting for a swoon-worthy happy ending that's sure to leave you smiling.

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TW: Eating Disorders, Parental Death, Racism

In the enchanting world of The Edison Theater, where dreams take center stage and love lingers in the wings, two hearts are on the brink of a poignant encore in this enthralling tale of redemption by USA Today Bestselling Author Kathryn R. Biel.

Ballerina Leslie Ann Moose was raised under the weight of her family's mantra—"Do your best. Be the best. Whatever it takes." Leslie has always chased excellence. But as the dream of a ballet career fades, she embraces a second chance with unwavering resolve. Pursuing theater, she embarks on a journey from bustling New York City to a tranquil Upstate town, unaware it will reunite her with a lost love from drama camp.

The thought of working with Leslie again sends chills down musical director Josh deChambeau's spine. Her sudden departure all those years ago shattered his heart, and now, as fate throws them back together, he must confront the pain of their past. The success of The Edison Theater hinges on their collaboration, demanding Josh set aside his bitterness for a dream long deferred.

Amidst the theater's chaos, Leslie and Josh must find common ground. As they grapple with shared history and simmering chemistry, they learn that love deserves a second act in the spotlight, whatever it takes.


Whatever It Takes is a moving tale of redemption, self-discovery, and the enduring allure of the theater. Join Leslie and Josh as they navigate the drama of love and the pursuit of their dreams, proving that sometimes, finding oneself means finding each other once more.

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