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Welcome to Hicklam ...

where love is always center stage.

Now introducing the Center Stage Love Story Series! Set against the backdrop of scenic Hicklam, NY, this collection of stories takes place at The Edison Theater. While The Edison (and the town of Hicklam) are fictional, The Edison was inspired by the real-life Mac-Hadyn Theatre in Chatham, NY. If you are a fan of musical theatre, community theatre, and small business, please consider making a donation to the Mac-Hadyn's Bright Future Fund.

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2020 BookLife Prize

She's finally getting her life back together. His is falling apart. It's the perfect time to take a chance.

When therapy meets theater...

Nobody likes packing up their things and moving to a small town in the middle of nowhere. Especially when that town is called Hicklam. But you know what's worse than that? The fact that thanks to my a-hole ex-boyfriend, I've spent the past ten years with crippling panic attacks.

Yeah, that's been fun.

But no more. I have hope for Hicklam. Well, at least for a therapist who can help me with my PTSD. I mean, it's not like I'll ever be able to perform on stage again, even though it's all I wanted to do with my life. Hell, I can't even sing along with the radio anymore.

But speaking of singing, the guy who hired me to help with his renovations is always singing. I thought it would bother me, but it makes the days go faster. Or maybe it's his dimples. Or maybe it's the fact that he needs me to help save his family business. He must be desperate—I'm not exactly Joanna Gaines.

If he's willing to risk everything on me, maybe it's time for me to take a chance. Not just in life but in love too.

Take a Chance on Me is an open-door, emotionally charged romantic comedy that will leave you crying, laughing, and tapping your toes for the talented cast of The Edison Theater.


Once upon a time, I used to be famous. Then semi-famous. Now I'm obscure, mostly because I'm trying to stay out of the limelight, while trying to keep one of Hollywood's biggest secrets. And I'm sort of miserable. But with three weeks in the Big Apple, child free, maybe I can figure out what exactly I'm doing with my post-Sassy Cat life. I know what I want, but I don't know how to get it.



Once upon a time, I wanted to be on stage. Now I'm content to control things from behind the curtain. I'll do anything to make The Edison successful, as long as it doesn't break my one cardinal rule: don't date an actress. 


But this isn't a real date. I'm here to convince this washed-up pop star to headline one of our shows this summer. Except she doesn't seem that washed up, and it certainly feels like a real date. Especially when she sings to me.


So let's make this night a fling. A one-time thing. I'm never even going to see her again. But now thanks to a meddling reporter, The Edison needs her.


But I need her too.


This is either going to be the perfect match or an epic disaster. Either way, the show must go on! 


Do your best. Be the best. Whatever it takes.



It sounds like a line from some superhero movie, not a family motto. Except it is the Moose family creed. We even have it on T-shirts. Snazzy apparel aside, it means I've grown up with a lot of pressure to, well, be the best.


Except I'm not. No matter how hard I've worked, it's time to face the fact that I'm never going to have a career as a professional ballerina. I'll do the next best thing—I can dance in the theatre. Thanks to that eight week drama camp when I was a teenager, as well as a stubborn-to-the-point-of-foolish drive, I'm ready to take on this challenge.


Especially if it means I get to be reunited with the boy I fell in love with at that camp…



Oh no. I'm not working with her.


She broke my heart, ghosting me after the most incredible summer together. But now, here she is, and we need her to make The Edison successful. The stakes are high, and if this show works out, there's a shot I'll finally get my chance to bring the production I've been writing ever since she left me to the stage. 


The show must go on. Whatever it takes.

TW: SA, PTSD, Anxiety/Depression, Parental Death, discussion of suicide
TW: Car accident, childhood trauma
TW: Eating Disorders, Parental Death, Racism
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