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The New Beginnings Series

This rom-com, chick lit series is a group of stand-alone yet interconnected books following different women on their journeys through life, all involving transitions and new beginnings. Completions and Connections starts with Christine's hectic year and her quest to find love. Made for Me continues on the night Completions and Connections ends with Christine's best friend, Michele. As Michele's life implodes, she enters a reality TV contest to design a wedding gown for the Princess-to-Be, Maryn Medrovovich of Montabago. New Attitude picks up at the end of Made for Me with Michele's roommate, Kira, as she returns home from filming to find a whole new reality. Queen of Hearts, the latest installment, catches up with the newly married Princess Maryn as she attempts to navigate going from common to uncommon.

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2017 Reader's Favorite International Book Awards Honorable Mention Chick Lit


2018 IndieReader Discovery Awards, Category WInner, Chick Lit

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TW: Divorce

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