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AUTHOR NOTE: Out of respect for my readers, I have decided to list trigger warnings (TW) and content warnings (CW) for my books. Please click on a book to find out potential trigger warnings. I am a fallible individual and recognize that I may miss something. Please please PLEASE let me know if you would like me to add a specific CW/TW for a book.

I write the type of books I love to read: stories of realistic, resilient women and the cinnamon roll men they love. Humor and heart are infused into most of my books because they're simply part of who I am and what I love. There's a little something for everyone: uplifting women's fiction, light chick-lit, touching romantic comedy, and medium spice contemporary romance (generally fade to black with sexual content implied). You're guaranteed to find something to make you love a little and laugh a lot.

Chick Lit Stand Alone Series:

Award-winning, best-selling chick lit. Over 100,000 copies sold and downloaded. Click on a book to get yours today!

C&C New.jpg
MFM New.jpg
New Attitude New.jpg

Women's Fiction Stand Alone Series:

Serious topic, uplifting and romantic stories.

Ready for Whatever Solid Cover copy.jpg
Seize the Day Solid Color copy.jpg
Underneath it All solid color copy.jpg

A little bit drama, a little bit comedy, a whole lotta love.

Contemporary Romance Stand Alone Series:

Take a Chance On Me3.jpg
Vision of Love9.jpg

Soccer + Social Media = Swoon

Sports Romantic Comedy Stand Alone Series:

XOXO illustrated2 copy.jpg
You Belong with Me illustrated2 copy.jpg

Contemporary Romance Stand Alone Books:

Award-winning contemporary romance. Click on a book to get yours today!

Jump Jive and Wail test copy.jpg
LFT KRB 22323 copy.jpg
Paradise By the Dashboard Lights New.jpg

Contemporary Women's Fiction Stand Alone Books:

Realistic, resilient women's fiction. Click on a book to get yours today!

GI Cover Revision copy.jpg
Hold Her Down NEW.jpg
I'm Still Here - 2022-1 copy.jpg
Once in a Lifetime.jpg
KMS New cover.jpg
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