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AUTHOR NOTE: Out of respect for my readers, I have decided to list trigger warnings (TW) and content warnings (CW) for my books. Please click on a book to find out potential trigger warnings. I am a fallible individual and recognize that I may miss something. Please please PLEASE let me know if you would like me to add a specific CW/TW for a book.

I write the type of books I love to read: stories of realistic, resilient women and the cinnamon roll men they love. Humor and heart are infused into most of my books because they're simply part of who I am and what I love. There's a little something for everyone: uplifting women's fiction, light chick-lit, touching romantic comedy, and medium spice contemporary romance (generally fade to black with sexual content implied). You're guaranteed to find something to make you love a little and laugh a lot.

Chick Lit Stand Alone Series:

Award-winning, best-selling chick lit. Over 100,000 copies sold and downloaded. Click on a book to get yours today!

C&C New.jpg
MFM New.jpg
New Attitude New.jpg

Women's Fiction Stand Alone Series:

Serious topic, uplifting and romantic stories.

Ready for Whatever Solid Cover copy.jpg
Seize the Day Solid Color copy.jpg
Underneath it All solid color copy.jpg

Small town musical theater, star power romance

Contemporary Romance Stand Alone Series:

Take a Chance On Me Ombre copy.jpg
Vision of Love ombre copy.jpg
WhateverItTakes Ombre copy.jpg

Soccer + Social Media = Swoon

Sports Romantic Comedy Stand Alone Series:

XOXO illustrated2 copy.jpg
You Belong with Me illustrated2 copy.jpg

Contemporary Romance Stand Alone Books:

Award-winning contemporary romance. Click on a book to get yours today!

Jump Jive and Wail test copy.jpg
LFT KRB 22323 copy.jpg
Paradise By the Dashboard Lights New.jpg

Contemporary Women's Fiction Stand Alone Books:

Realistic, resilient women's fiction. Click on a book to get yours today!

GI Cover Revision copy.jpg
Hold Her Down NEW.jpg
I'm Still Here - 2022-1 copy.jpg
Once in a Lifetime.jpg
KMS New cover.jpg
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