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TW: Parental Death, Childhood Trauma, Car Accident

At seven, Maggie Miller survived an accident that killed her mother and brother. At twenty-four, she fell in love for the first time. At twenty-five, she realized she was pregnant, and he was gone.


Seven years later, Maggie is still living her life for everyone else. For her father, her children, and the legacy of her mother and brother. She's doing it all for everyone but herself.

When her son's father discovers the secret she's been keeping, she must come face to face with the dream she's been holding onto for all these years. It's time for Maggie to realize that what's best for everyone else may not be what's best for her, and no matter the intentions, it's time to be true to herself.

AUTHOR'S NOTE: This book has been revised and re-edited as of August 2021. If you've already purchased this book for your Kindle, you can receive the most updated version by following these steps:

  1. Go to Manage Your Content and Devices.

  2. Search for your Kindle book.

  3. If available, select Update Available, then select Update.

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