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The UnBRCAble Women Series

When your body is pre-wired to get cancer, it's time to find your funny with The UnBRCAble Women Series. It is centered around a group of women who are bonded by their common BRCA positive gene status. This means that these women have an incredibly high chance of developing breast and ovarian cancers. Inspired by a dear friend's personal journey,  and in keeping with my theme of resilient women, I'm writing a series of light women's fiction with strong humorous and romantic elements to inspire and support women whose bodies are out to get them. If you are a woman, love a woman, know a woman, or can possibly relate to being a woman, this series is for you.  Guaranteed to make you snort, laugh, and possibly hug a friend a little tighter. Everyone, regardless of health status, deserves to see themselves in a book, finding love, laughter, and that while life is not perfect, it's imperfectly perfect. 

2020 InD'tale Magazine

RONE Award Runner  Up

Romantic Comedy

Cover Design

2020 InD'tale Magazine
RONE Nominee
Romantic Comedy

2021 InD'tale Magazine

Ready for Whatever Solid Cover copy.jpg
Seize the Day Solid Color copy.jpg
Underneath it All solid color copy.jpg

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TW: Cancer, Parental Death, Surgical Descriptions, Childhood Trauma, Divorce
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