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"How do you want your eggs?"

I don't like to think about my past. Absent father, train wreck mother, and then there's my twin sister who belongs on an episode of Jerry Springer. They're the poster children for complicated, and I want nothing to do with that kind of life. That's why I left Ohio and started over in Boston, never looking back.

Because running away and living in denial is totally an acceptable way of adulting.

That way I don't have to admit that very bad thing I did to the guy I'd been in love with since the day we were born. I didn't mean to deceive him that way. It was an honest mistake. But still, the past is in the past, and that's where it'll stay. If I work hard enough, I can outrun the family legacy, as well as my terrible secret.

But suddenly, the past is no longer in the past. He's standing right in front of me, in this bar in Boston, looking hotter than ever. And hell, he's a doctor, like he always said he'd be. I think an ovary just exploded. I'm wearing leather pants, no bra, and I've had way too much tequila.

This could get complicated.

Paradise by the Dashboard Light is a stand-alone closed-door friends-to-lovers romantic comedy with heat, tension, and interesting family dynamics.

2019 Readers' Favorite International Book Awards
Honorable Mention
Romance-Humor Genre

Content and Trigger Warnings: This book contains the topic of premature birth, disability (cerebral palsy), abelism, drug and alcohol use, child neglect, motor vehicle accident with injury, and the subject of cheating.

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