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Jump Jive and Wail test copy.jpg
TW: Infidelity, Medical Issues
2016 InD'Tale Magazine RONE Award Finalist


He's got an Olympic medal; she's got a career-ending injury. They may be stuck in a snowstorm, but things are heating up in this sports romance.

Yes, I have an attitude problem. You would too if your Olympic potential career as a ski jumper crashed just as the sport was taking off, no pun intended. I'm working on that.

I also have a good-for-nothing cheating husband. Trust me, I'll be working on that too.

And now, thanks to Mother Nature, I'm snowed in at the airport. And some guy just knocked me over. I should be pissed, but he's very friendly. And very attractive.

I'm not sure he's looking for someone like me. If I learned anything from soaring off mountains, it's sometimes biggest jump can bring the best reward.

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