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  • Kathryn R. Biel

He's Perfect

So, that's what the doctor said about my son today.  

"He's perfect."  

He says it almost every visit. He's been saying it since Jake was an infant.   never grow tired of hearing it.

I know my son is not perfect. He never has been, and never will be. I could list his faults, but I won't. They are for me to know and no one to find out. Jake turned 8 yesterday, and I'm still marveling at how this could be. How could my little boy be so grown up? Where have the years gone? Jake is growing into a wonderful young man. He is so smart. He has a great sense of humor. He's polite (to others at least), and kind and courteous.  e is honest, painfully so, and cannot tell a lie. He really should have been born on February 22, to share the day with George Washington. Jake is such a good kid. He is that kind of guy.

He was delighted with the ipod Pat and I gave him for his birthday. I even pre-charged it and loaded up "his" music onto it.  Kids Bop, volumes 16-21, along with Queen's greatest hits and some selected music that I have for my ipod.

We are reading Harry Potter.  We're about 2/3 of the way through the first one. He is so cute when he goes and gets the book and says, "Can we read now?"

Watching the relationship between Jake and Sophia evolve has been something that no one prepared me for. They will be each other's biggest critics and fiercest defenders.  Sophia tries to take care of Jake. I think she can sense that he needs that in his life. Or maybe she's just bossy. Either way, she looks out for him, and he looks out for her.

There are not even words to express how my life changed eight years ago when Jake was born. For all of my complaining and whining, they have undoubtedly been the best years of my life. I cannot imagine even one day without my Jakey.

Happy Birthday Sweet Boy.  ♥

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