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Here are some extra bonus content, exclusive for newsletter subscribers. Click the button to download the files. For your convenience, both epub (compatible with most e-readers) and pdf files are available. 

Ready for Whatever: Sterling Stories, Volume 1

Ready for Whatever Sterling Bonus content copy.jpg

Fun Fact: Ready for Whatever originally started out as a dual-point-of-view book, told from both Millie and Sterling's perspectives. During the editing process, Sterling's chapters were converted to Millie's point of view. But now, you can read the original chapters! Volume 1 in the Sterling Stories takes place at Chapter 4 in Ready for Whatever, if you want to read concurrently. I hope you enjoy this bonus perspective!

XOXO Bonus Content

Stolen Stars copy.jpg

Warning: Do not read this bonus content until you've read XOXO, as it won't make any sense. If the title Stolen Stars means anything to you, please go forth and download these scenes. If you've never heard that phrase before, come back to this page after you've read XOXO.

This bonus scene contains a graphic love scene, much spicier than my typical content. If you are not a person who enjoys this level of heat, you may want to pass this scene up. 


Here's never-before published flash-back bonus scene from when the Sassy Cats first started out. Enjoy!

Once in a Lifetime Bonus Content


Read the novella that started the New Beginnings series!

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