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  • Kathryn R. Biel

What Are You Doing?

"What are you doing?"

That's what my seven year-old just asked me.  While I responded, "Starting a blog," the actual truth is I have no idea!

I'm not sure why I'm even doing this.  I spent last night reading my college roommate's blog.  I just found it last night, even though she's been doing it since 2009 or so.  And she has a two year-old and 5 month-old triplets.  I think what inspired me is her reason for starting her blog--to give her son (and now all four sons) her words and thoughts and feelings during their childhood.

Seems like a good idea to me.

You see, I'm the historian in the family. Since I can remember, I have loved to look at old family pictures.  I have asked questions and learned the family stories.  Frankly, I'll look at strangers' pictures too.  (This is where, had I been prepared to do this blog, would post the scanned in picture of me, age 3, looking at photo albums at my grandmother's house.  However, I'm flying by the seat of my pants here, so no picture.  Maybe later).  I love to scrapbook.  I'm not good about journaling on my scrapbook pages, but I'm trying to get better.  My thought was that if I start to blog, maybe I'll have a better record for my kids.

My grandmother is 93 and her mind is failing her.  It is hard to get answers out of her anymore, and about 1/2 of what she "remembers" is not correct.  I've heard a lot of her stories.  I am the keeper of her stories.  But 93 years is a long time with a lot of stories.  When she dies, her stories will die with her.  If I can get them written down and pass them on to my children, then part of her will continue to live on.  I don't think I'll get too many more out of her, but I did learn one new thing today.  I'll share that story another day.

So, I guess I'd like to use this blog as a way to tell my family's history.  Knowing me, it will also be an outlet for my rants and raves, and other miscellaneous thoughts that come my way.

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