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  • Kathryn R. Biel

To My Kids ...

Dear Jake and Sophia,

Today, we had a perfect moment.  It was just after lunch.  I settled in on one end of the couch, while the two of you settled in on the other, and we were facing each other.  We were all sharing the fuzzy blanket.  I was reading my nook, and Jake, you read a book to Sophia. It was so content and peaceful.  It's how life should be. I thought about getting up to get the camera to immortalize the moment, but knew that would ruin it.

I want you both to know how special siblings are.  You are very, very lucky to have each other.  Some people do not ever get the chance to have siblings.  Some people, like Dad, lose their siblings much, much too early.  Please always try to remember that.  Siblings are the first friends we have in life.  If we're lucky, they stay our friends throughout our whole lives.  Siblings have shared our childhood.  They can laugh at the jokes that only you get.   They remember the hard times too, and help each other get through it.  No one will love you like your sibling does.  They get the first shot at you (that only they are allowed to take), but are also your last defense standing against the cruel, cruel world.

My advice to you two is this:  Cherish each other.  Appreciate each other.  Protect each other.  Motivate and challenge each other.  Be there for each other.  Support each other.  

Love each other.

Do not let the world come in between you.  Act appropriately so that neither is forced to chose between your sibling and your spouse.  Do not put Dad and I in the middle of your quarrels.

There will be times when you disagree.  Please, figure out a way to work it out.  Siblings are too precious to cast aside.  Believe me, I know.

Love, Mom

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