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  • Kathryn R. Biel

Play Date

I'm going on a much needed play date.  

In 22 minutes. I have to get through the next 22 minutes. My husband has to get home.  I have to tune out the kids yelling at each other, and pretend that I don't see them attempting to hit/kick/bite each other.  

21 minutes to go.

The car is all packed. I'm going to a friend's house, to scrapbook. To sit with a bunch of women I don't know, and it will be great.  

20 minutes.

The children are now attempting to fart on each other. In addition to being really loud, juvenile and annoying, the room (my bedroom, mind you) is getting smelly.  

19 minutes.

This week has been one of those overwhelming weeks where I'm just tired and running low on reserves. I hope that my play date will help recharge the batteries.  

18 minutes.

Sophia didn't nap, yet again. But tonight, it's totally not my problem (or, TNMP as Jake likes to say).  It's gonna be a long week home with the kids.  

17 minutes.

So, thank you Sue for inviting me over. Thank you for NOT inviting my kids to come and play with your kids. I really need this play date. I need it to be a good mom this week.  

15 minutes until I can leave.

Pat, hurry and get home. I'm leaving in 15 minutes, whether you're here or not.

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