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It's All About the Process

I'm getting a late start this year, but I finally started on Halloween costumes.  I spent over an hour in JoAnn's this morning (no kids!!!) looking at patterns, material and fabric.  And then I spent a whole lot of money on just one costume.  I do this every year.  And every year, I question whether or not it is worth the time and money. 

My mother likes to tell the story of how we learned our colors while looking at thread in the fabric department of JC Penney's (back when they had one).  My dad likes to tell the story of how his mother, a mother of 11, would get her own "me" time by asking who wanted to go to the fabric store.  Somehow her 10 boys never took her up on the offer.  Her one daughter is a quilter and sewer. 

I like to sew, but only really do it about once a year.  Right about this time.  My dining room gets taken over by my sewing machine.  Someday, when our basement is finished (more on that later) I will get to have my sewing machine out all the time, and will hopefully sew more.  But for right now, I'm focusing on Halloween costumes. 

Jake, 2004. First Halloween

Jake, 2005. Notice our awesome kitchen, before the remodel.

Jake @ preschool, 2007. For those observant ones, we recycled the penguin costume in 2006 (and Sophia, being 10 weeks old, did have a store bought costume).

Sophia, 2008. She has always been our little monkey

Jake, 2008 at Uncle Dan's. He was insistent on being a bee.

Jake and Sophia, 2009 @ Mimere's house. Jake wanted to be a white tiger after seeing them at Busch Gardens. The penguin costume does look awfully familiar, though.

I know it would be easier and quicker (plus cheaper) to just buy their costumes. My kids like to "help" and are in the dining room pretty much when I am. It is such a good time for all of us. I am proud that I am able to make this for Jake and Sophia. I love that they are learning about how things get put together. It teaches us all patience and appreciation, those long nights listening to the playoff games on the TV in the next room. I hope someday, they will look back on the time we spent working on their costumes with good memories. I love being able to provide this for my kids. I know the day will come when I either buy a costume for them, or they don't want to dress up anymore. That will make me sad, but I know it will come. So, in the meantime, I will enjoy the process...and the outcome.

Jake and Sophia @ Grammy and Grandpa's, 2010. Sophia actually came up with the lion idea first, and Jake liked it. I am still finding this fur in the house...

And I got in on the action. Trying out a new parenting style...

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