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  • Kathryn R. Biel

Fall in New York

The start of fall is my favorite time of the year.  I love when you can feel the crisp-ness to the air.  I love when I can wear a sweater or two.  I love a bright and sunny fall day with blue skies and red leaves.  And to many people, fall in NY is equated with apple picking.  And apple pies.

Now, I don't like apple pies.  I know, un-American.  But I do love getting all the fresh apples.  And, of course, the cider donuts.  But, at this time of year, I feel obligated to make pie.  But I don't really enjoy it (probably since I don't eat it).  My dad does like to make pies, and likes to have the "help" of his grandchildren.

Jake, age 2 1/2, making pies with Grandpa. Fall 2006

Working in schools, I usually get to go on a field trip to some of the local orchards/farms.  It's great, because I can get my apples and donuts, and the crowds aren't too bad, unlike when you try to visit on a weekend.

Indian Ladder Farms, September 2007

Sophia's first farm trip, 1 month old. September 2007.

My kids love going to places like this.  They love the apples and the donuts, as well as the cider.  They love the animals.  I love taking them to farms so that they can appreciate where things come from, especially our food.  We occasionally buy hay from a neighborhood farm.  Jake and Sophia ALWAYS want to go to the farm.  Sophia will tell anyone and everyone about the time she went to the farm and a rooster "kicked her in the butt."  True story.  I wasn't there to see it--it was another Grandpa adventure. 

Jake at Bowman's Farm. First field trip for 3 year-old preschool. September 2007.

Sophia at Liberty Ridge, 3 year old preschool. October 2010.

I'm a city girl at heart.  But I like to visit farms, too.  Right now, my knowledge of all things agricultural has been enhanced about 100 fold by playing farmville.  Seriously--I can now identify all sorts of plants and animals that I had never even heard of before.  Today, after school, my dad took us to Bowman's in Rexford.  We went to long way, and got to check out Vischer's Ferry (the landing where the ferry used to dock to shuttle people over the Mohawk, essentially connecting Albany to Northwest of the Mohawk). 

Jake and Sophia check out a calf.

Grandpa and the kids.

Sophia is 'this' tall. About 40 inches.

Jake is measuring in at about 49-50 inches these days (he wouldn't stand up straight, though).

Sophia and one of the draft horses. The thing was massive. Its head was almost as tall as Sophia.

Jake with another draft horse. As previously noted, Jake is a little over 4 feet tall.

I love the fact that my kids want to go to farms. That they can appreciate the land and the animals, and where our food comes from. Maybe it's because they have farming in their blood (Pat's family, not mine). Whatever the reason, I love that they love it.

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